11 mm — International Football Film Festival

Dear football and film fans,

The 2012 European Championships are an ideal opportunity to gain a better understanding of the host countries, Poland and Ukraine. The Robert Bosch Stiftung, through its support of 11mm in Wroclaw and Kharkiw, is looking forward to an international cultural exchange inspired by football. We hope you enjoy the films and wish you an exciting European Championships!


The Ball of Contention

Photo exhibition of Kirill Golovchenko The photos by Kirill Golovchenko can be seen during the 11mm football film festival in Bommer Cinema in Kharkiv. The photos are part of the book published by Serhiy Zhadan „TotalniyFutbol — A Polish- Ucrainian Football Journay“.

The oldest cinema in the city — Cinema Bommer — is located in the downtown area. It is the only movie theater in Kharkiv, where you can see European Film Festivals, arthouse movies and shortfilms from around the world. The cinema is named after the french brothers Bommer, who started the cinema in 1908.

Free admission to all films.

Kharkiv, Poltavsky Shlyakh Street, 6, (057) 7123928, info@bommer.org.ua


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Tuesday, 12.06


19:00  Lessons of a Dream

Wednesday 13th June

15:00  Maradona par Kusturica

17:00 Dynamo Kiev +  Król Charkowa

19:00  Rock´n´Ball44

Thursday, 14th June

15:00 Pelada

17:00 Flying Pigs

19:00 The Other Chelsea — A Story from Donezk

Friday, 15th June

15:00  Dynamo Kiev + Król Charkowa

17:00 The Journey

19:00 Maradona par Kusturica



Lessons of a Dream

with Russian subtitles

The true tale of the German teacher Konrad Koch who, after living in England, returns to Germany in 1874 and introduces football in his class. An affront to the Prussian discipline of the time.

Dynamo Kiev — Good Old Boys

in Russian and with Ukrainian subtitles

In 1975 Dynamo Kiev was the most successful club in the world. This fascinating documentary examines the myth of that great side and how sport was manipulated to support the socialist regime.

King of Kharkov

in Russian

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky controls dozens of companies, owns the club “Metalist-Kharkov” and is at the heart of Ukraine’s EURO 2012 preparations. King of Kharkov examines one of Eastern Europe’s richest and best connected individuals.

Maradona par Kusturica

The homage of one of the best European directors to the world`s greatest ever footballer: Emir Kusturica gets closer to Maradona than no other director has before.


From prisoners in Bolivia to moonshine brewers in Kenya, from freestylers in China to women who play in hijab in Iran, Pelada follows two former college stars on their journey around the world, chasing the game.


In Polish with Ukrainian subtitles

A Polish musician finds himself robbed and stranded in the eastern Ukrainian industrial city of Donetsk. There he is approached by ten-year-old orphan Dima, who is looking for a “father for the day” to sign him up for the local football club.

Flying pigs

In Polish with Ukrainian subtitles

The life of the young Pole Oskar changes irreversibly when his local club is relegated. Forced to don a suit and work for a boss determined to found a new club, things quickly turn from bad to worse.

THE JOURNEY — Stories from the FIFA 2010 World Cup

In English with Ukrainian subtitles

Told by the people of the Rainbow nation, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South Africa’s captain Aaron Mokoena, this film recounts the key moments of the 2010 World Cup — an event that symbolised how far the country has come.

The Other Chelsea — A story from Donetsk

Shakhtar Donetsk is the team of the coal-mining region of eastern Ukraine, funded by their billionaire owner Rinat Akhmetov. This award winning documentary follows the club for a season as they establish themselves on the European stage.